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Dr. Michael McCall is a Chiropractor, Certified Applied Kinesiologist and Adjunct Faculty member of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and the University of Western States. He also holds a Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Visit him at his practice, Source Health Center in Beaverton, Oregon.

History with Headaches

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    My History with Headaches   I’ve had headaches since my childhood. They started in elementary school, and I would always feel them in my forehead. My mother told me it was a sign of hunger. So, my first treatment for headaches was to eat when I had them. Most of the time a full [...]

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Finding Time for Your Health

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  We all know that everyone can have a busy schedule at times and it is hard to prioritize your health and wellness, but we are going to walk you through some ideas to help make sure you can still let your health be a priority in your life. Anytime you start a new process you [...]

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  How can you avoid eating a large portion or overeating one of your favorite foods? How can you control yourself? How do you know when to stop? These are all questions you have, and Dr. McCall is here to explain those to you! The best way to control over eating is to eat whole foods [...]

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Supporting Your Immune System

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Supporting your immune system comes from taking care of your body and in order to take care of your body you need to make sure your body is getting the right nutrition, sleep, and care you can provide yourself. Nutrition: This includes all food and supplements. We call this feeding your body what it needs! [...]

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Rid Aches and Pains

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  Day to day aches and pains can plague everyone from time to time. There are many reasons that you may have these aches and pains from traveling, a weakened immune system, or the way you’re eating. Being able to stop the aches and pains that may interrupt your daily activities will not only improve your [...]

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Nutrition & Eating Well

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  Eating well in the eyes of Dr. McCall means eating protein and vegetables. He has broken out what he feels is a great eating well “diet” that you can use as a reference. The link to review the Eating Well sheet is below.   Eating-Well.pdf (sourcehealthcenter.com)   You can look at nutrition with the eyes [...]

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Benefits of Chiropractic and Massage

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Chiropractic and Massage care is key in order to help maintain your normal short term and long term health and wellness. There are so many benefits for each, but we will have to separate them just to explain how beneficial these both are for you and your health.   Chiropractic Care:   Benefits of chiropractic care [...]

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Taking Ownership of your Body

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  As humans we already go through busy and stressful times and we tend to overlook our own health and wellbeing because we have others to take care of, or something else in our schedule that is more important. It is difficult, we know, but giving a little of your time and energy into focusing on [...]

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How to Prepare Your Immune System

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  The world has changed for all of us with the Covid 19 virus. It has affected us in many aspects of our lives and we are “locked up” but readily poised to reconfigure our lives and this especially applies to your health. Over time technology has been challenging for me. I started with a pong [...]

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How to Help Allergies

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Most people have allergies or have an understanding of what allergies are. Let’s face it, they suck! An allergy is just that, an allergic reaction to something you are exposed to. Your immune system goes on high alert. There are a few different forms of allergies to be aware of.  There are seasonal allergies (grass, weeds, [...]

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