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Dr. Michael McCall is a Chiropractor, Certified Applied Kinesiologist and Adjunct Faculty member of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and the University of Western States. He also holds a Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Visit him at his practice, Source Health Center in Beaverton, Oregon.

Taking Ownership of your Body

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  As humans we already go through busy and stressful times and we tend to overlook our own health and wellbeing because we have others to take care of, or something else in our schedule that is more important. It is difficult, we know, but giving a little of your time and energy into focusing on [...]

How to Prepare Your Immune System

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  The world has changed for all of us with the Covid 19 virus. It has affected us in many aspects of our lives and we are “locked up” but readily poised to reconfigure our lives and this especially applies to your health. Over time technology has been challenging for me. I started with a pong [...]

How to Help Allergies

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Most people have allergies or have an understanding of what allergies are. Let’s face it, they suck! An allergy is just that, an allergic reaction to something you are exposed to. Your immune system goes on high alert. There are a few different forms of allergies to be aware of.  There are seasonal allergies (grass, weeds, [...]

Struggles with Sleep

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As a doctor of the healthcare field, I am learning more about health every day. This learning is never very clear until I reach some place of understanding. It is an interesting process for me and I always struggle in some way.  The struggle is in believing that it’s there. We all get some hints that [...]

How is Food an Impact on Musculoskeletal Pain

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This blog was supposed to be about whole foods, however, with the world wide reaction to the Coronavirus, we thought it best to explain how food can both help and hinder your musculoskeletal pain.  With the tug of self indulgence and with the thought that my audience is captive at home with more time on their [...]

Heart Health

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  Your heart is a miraculous organ. Every day your heart beats 100,000 times, sending 2,000 gallons of blood surging through your body. It emits a field of electromagnetic energy at a higher level than the brain. It is resilient and made to beat strong forever. Yet, in the USA and a majority of Western European [...]

Importance of Staying Active

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  The Importance of Staying Active   Staying active is a huge part in your health! Now staying active does not necessarily mean always hitting the gym for a workout, staying active can be as small as taking a small walk to get your heart rate up a bit. You want to be able to find [...]

Surviving the Holidays

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Surviving the Holidays Blog by Dr. Michael McCall & Jessica Carn   Surviving the holidays is easy to do but hard to grasp at first. During the holidays you have a million things going on. You are trying to work and earn money to pay for presents for your family/friends, find time to get everything done, [...]


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  Diabetes is defined as a disease that results in too much sugar in the blood, also known as high blood glucose. You can have different forms/types of diabetes as well, those are defined as: Diabetes Type 1: A chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little to no insulin. Diabetes Type 2: A chronic condition [...]

Chiropractic Health

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Chiropractic Health     This is a pretty important topic considering I work in a chiropractor's office! If I didn’t believe that chiropractic care was key to someone’s health and well being, I wouldn’t be working for such an amazing chiropractor!   Chiropractic can do a lot for you! Below are just a few things that [...]

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