If you are a patient of mine, you may have noticed I sometimes use vials on you in your treatment. I bet you are curious as to what the purpose of these vials are. I am here to help answer some curious questions you might have about the vials.


What is the purpose of testing your body with the water vials?

The vials allow me to find the intricate influences that affect the body’s ability to heal itself. They are the niggling underlying interferences that create static in the background. This static can lead to faulty information that can make the treatments ineffective or create more problems.  


What do the vials say/mean?

When a vial is found to make a change to the muscle test. It helps me look at underlying issues that are behind the scenes to the symptoms.


How do the vials help in my treatment?

There are many things to consider when I am muscle testing. Sometimes it is the body that may have the information wrong. Sometimes it is the muscle tester not understanding the information. Vials can clear and find subtle and specific things that are the cause of both the false information and create clarity for the muscle tester.


What is in the vials?

Water is the only thing it is filled with and a label is placed on it. 


How does my body know what is on the vials?

I really do not know to be honest. I like to use them because it helps me cover ground faster and can lead me to underlying issues. The theory is that there is a resonance of a frequency (like a specific sound) that is emitted from the body. When that frequency is emitted from the vial and when they resonate (or come together) the muscle can go from “strong to weak and weak to strong”. When that is found I can find out through muscle testing how the body wants me to treat it so the body can more easily fix itself. 


Why do I need to hold the vials?

Holding the vial allows the frequencies to come together and affect the muscle test on your body.