• How does chiropractic care work when you are pregnant?
  • Will chiropractic care help you along in your pregnancy?
  • At what point in my pregnancy will chiropractic care help the most?
  • How long can I continue chiropractic care before my due date?
  • I can’t lay on my stomach; will that be an issue with getting adjustments?


If you have ever asked these questions, I am here to help provide some answers!


The art and science of chiropractic manipulation is safe and effective with pregnancies. I personally have treated women in all trimesters of pregnancies for musculoskeletal symptoms. Manipulation of the spine and limbs, plus balancing the muscles with Applied Kinesiology, is a great combination to help with symptoms stemming from the daily changes that happen during pregnancy.


I have found it to work best with early interventions at the start of the pregnancy for chiropractic care to be most effective. Many times, the symptoms that emerge with pregnancy were past injuries or compensations the body has not fully fixed before the pregnancy. As women go through the vast physiological changes these old injuries or compensations will now begin to return. It is best explained as getting ahead of the pain and symptoms before they start to cause pain or other issues. 


Coming in for chiropractic care from the start, or when you find out you are pregnant is best. It has been my experience that further along in the pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, when the pain and symptoms have progressed for too long of time, the benefit of treatment is less effective. 


You can seek chiropractic treatment up until your due date. It will help your body overall!


Not being able to lay on your stomach is not an issue as I can give an evaluation of your spine, pelvis, and limbs all while you’re standing or sitting.


If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office via email at contactus@sourcehealthcenter.com. We will promptly answer your questions to help you with your own care.