Our approach is straightforward

We start with understanding your health history and goals. We work with you to alleviate your symptoms , so you have the ability to maintain your good health. We are not dismissive to smaller symptoms, believing with every signal the body is communicating. We investigate every possible cause of your problem, work with you to address them, and teach you how to help yourself in the future.

Our job is to give the body what it needs to heal and to educate the patient how to keep it healthy. The body’s basic needs are to restore its structure and function with chiropractic, massage and other physical care, feed it good food and appropriate supplements, and to clear the mental and emotional reactions the body has stored.

Our goal is to cultivate lifelong healthy patients.

Health comes from within. The body is always set to heal itself. In fact, it expects to heal itself all the time.

Stress can prevent the body from healing effectively. Stress can be physical, biochemical, mental and emotional. From time to time, all of us have symptoms that make living more difficult. When our bodies cannot get what it needs to heal, it will present symptoms to tell us to do something about it. What many people believe is that the symptoms are the cause to our problem.

We believe symptoms are no more than a healthy body communicating that there is a problem. The easiest analogy to what I described is this. The cow makes the milk. The farmer does not. The farmer’s job is to give the cow what she needs to make milk. The body does the healing. The Doctor’s job is to give the body what it needs to heal and to tell the patient what they need to keep it healthy.

The Triad of Health

Total health requires a natural balance between structural, chemical and emotional health.

Structural Health

Structural health relates to your muscles, organs, spine and bones; essentially what we think of as our physical body. The skeletal structure frames the overall shape of the body and the body shape is influenced by the distribution of muscle and fat tissue, which are also affected by various hormones. Body type and composition are influenced by genetics, diet, and exercise.

Chemical Health

Chemical health relates to your hormones, nutrition and body chemistry. While this may be a less understood area of the body, it is an extremely important one. Thyroid and adrenal hormones, as well as estrogen and testosterone, are just a few of the hormones that have a big impact on your health.

Emotional Health

Emotions can be described as the body’s reaction to outside stimuli or a reaction to our thoughts. Many times a person has had an upsetting circumstance that the body and the mind must process. It has been found and widely held that the emotional aspects to the human body can cause physical distress such as: IBS, asthma, musculoskeletal pain, headaches, and back pain. It is important to find what the body requires to help it resolve the underlying currents of overwhelming emotional stress.

However, not everyone understands how all of these lean on each other for total health. When your body faces physical stress, your body chemistry and emotions are affected as well. The same goes when you are emotionally stressed. Your body starts to bear the brunt of it and you feel physically impaired as well.

Dr. Michael McCall, Becca Bamberg, and Kris Schamp understand the importance of keeping structure, chemical and emotional health in balance. They want to help you reach total health so your body can stay healthy versus continue to slip into pain and illness.

What is muscle testing?

Dr. McCall utilizes Applied Kinesiology to identify where the body needs support. Through isolating a specific muscle on the patient and evaluating how the muscle reacts under pressure, Dr. McCall is able to uncover which area the body is compensating for and where the true barrier to wellbeing is located. How the muscle functions under these tests can give tremendous amount of information on what the body requires to help itself to heal.

X-rays, MRI, blood tests and urinalysis are great tests;however, they are not sensitive enough to find anything other than disease or severe trauma. Many times when patients get these tests they are left without any practical, applicable methodologies on how to improve their health.

Applied Kinesiology (AK) muscle testing differs from these tests by being more sensitive, and facilitating practical, usable recommendations for the patient and doctor to use to build a stronger platform of health. AK is a valuable tool because it uses the sophisticated and subtle diagnostic systems of the body. It is less invasive, inexpensive and subtle enough to uncover what the body needs to return it to health. It is also used to help patients recover and get better when the medical tests turn up positive. Post surgeries, metabolic syndromes, and digestive issues can be managed well with the ability to find other needs the body has to function better.

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