Patients share their experience with Dr. McCall:

“Dr. McCall and Becca are both amazing healers! And people! My family have all been blessed by them.”

Robyn J. – Beaverton, OR 

“Dr. McCall and his staff are amazing! Thank you for everything you do!”

Anonymous – Beaverton, OR 

“Thank you Dr. McCall! I appreciate your friendly attitude, wealth of knowledge, and a bright light in a dark world. You have healed not just my back, but my spirit. ”

Jessica M. – Beaverton, OR 

“You all “rock” here at this office. You are always caring, concerned, helpful, and great at educating your patients besides taking good care of our aliments. Thank you! ”

Anonymous – Beaverton, OR 

“Dr. McCall is wonderful but be aware that if you are only looking for a simple adjustment this may not be the place for you. Dr. McCall focuses on whole body care and works with patients to cure a number of aliments through chiropractic as well as talking about nutrition and supplements. He is not someone you go to every once in awhile just to be adjusted. If you are looking for some alternative treatment options for any aliments you have I would recommend talking to Dr. McCall. ”

Kelly R. – Beaverton, OR 

“I have been seeing Dr. Mike for years off and on when I am in need. He is very thorough in his assessment, muscle testing and targeted adjustments. He made such a difference for me when he identified a sensitivity and allergy to certain foods. The best thing about Dr. Mike is his personality, compassion and professionalism. If you are looking for a chiropractor, you have to go to Dr. Mike – he’s the best!”

Bonnie B. – Lake Oswego, OR

“I would give Dr. Mike 4 and 1/2 stars, but the half option is unavailable. I visited Dr. Mike a few weeks back with 2 ribs out of place. He not only cured that ailment, but recommended some changes in what I was eating and to take vitamins which has helped me feel better than I have in some time. I went home and told my husband about Dr. Mike and how he did muscle testing and listened to what your body was needing to heal itself, My husband said get me an appointment. My husband went in and was also extremely satisfied with Dr. Mike. Thank you Dr. Mike and Source Health Center.”

Jane C. – Beaverton, OR

“I first visited Dr. McCall with a strange ailment, a pain in my finger. After careful examinations I left with a more information on my body’s function than I had ever gotten from a life’s worth of physicians. I had a new diet and new supplements and great advice on how to get and stay healthily for the rest of my life. Dr. Mike McCall is a master at diagnosing and treating your pain but why wait until you have pain? Avoid it. Dr. Mike’s philosophy (and mine) is stay in your best shape to avoid pain. He can help with diagnostic techniques, education, nutrition counseling, supplements, and more. If for some reason he thinks he is not the person to help he does not hesitate to recommend another professional. He has all the contacts you would ever need I love the new office and the friendly staff!! I am grateful for that pain in my little finger that introduced me to Source Health and Dr. Mike.”

Sherry J. – Beaverton, OR

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