Dr. Michael McCall strives to understand all aspects of a patient’s condition in order to expedite the healing process, and to maintain optimum health for a lifetime. These unique principles allow him to work with his patients in uncovering what their body needs in order to heal.

Becca Bamberg, OBMT# 18449 seeks to meet each client at their present point in their health journey and walk alongside them, supporting her clients with bodywork and education to meet their health goals.

Kris Schamp, OBMT# 27932 strives to help others find solace and well-being during their massage journey. His holistic approach to wellness extends beyond the massage table, integrating the principles of mind-body connection.

Barriers to Good Health and Well-being

Barriers to health can come from many sources such as joint dysfunction, organ stress, old injuries, vitamin deficiencies and even what you eat. Dr. McCall and Becca work to remove these obstacles gently and quickly, allowing the body to function properly, which means it is healthier and performs better.

Maintaining Good Health with Chiropractic

We aim for our patients to enjoy better movement, greater strength and all around physical performance. Once the body has started to improve performance, we devise a plan for maintenance, supported by proper nutrition and preventative health care. Throughout the treatment journey, Dr. McCall aims to pass on the knowledge to maintaining a healthy functioning body to all his patients, allowing them to live fuller, more active lives.

Maintaining Good Health with Massage

The integration of massage with chiropractic supports holistic healing. Bones provide structure to our bodies and muscles, following the principle of tensegrity and allow movement of our bones and joints. Healthy muscles are both strong and flexible with balanced tensile force. Regular bodywork can break through the barriers to good health.

Applied Kinesiology Defined:

Applied Kinesiology is a diagnostic method of healthcare that incorporates many related health fields such as chiropractic, naturopathic, meridian therapies and nutrition. It is effective in discovering which areas of the body are weak, overloaded or stressed, including the spine, joints, organs and even emotions. If you understand what it means to have stress affect you physically, or to have aches and pains cause you emotional distress, then you understand the importance of getting to the root cause of your problem. Dr. Michael McCall is committed to uncovering these root causes and helping you to heal permanently versus having to come in repeatedly for the same issues.

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