Billing 101

  I have been billing chiropractic claims for 4 years at Source Health Center. I am here to talk all about my knowledge with you so that you can understand your insurance just a bit [...]

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History with Headaches

    My History with Headaches   I’ve had headaches since my childhood. They started in elementary school, and I would always feel them in my forehead. My mother told me it was a sign [...]

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Finding Time for Your Health

  We all know that everyone can have a busy schedule at times and it is hard to prioritize your health and wellness, but we are going to walk you through some ideas to help [...]

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  How can you avoid eating a large portion or overeating one of your favorite foods? How can you control yourself? How do you know when to stop? These are all questions you have, and [...]

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Supporting Your Immune System

Supporting your immune system comes from taking care of your body and in order to take care of your body you need to make sure your body is getting the right nutrition, sleep, and [...]

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Rid Aches and Pains

  Day to day aches and pains can plague everyone from time to time. There are many reasons that you may have these aches and pains from traveling, a weakened immune system, or the way [...]

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