Appointments in 15 Minutes

    Chiropractic appears so unique to other forms of healthcare. It has many details, such as adjusting, palpation and requires, in most cases, multi-visit plans. Terms like; alignment, pinched nerves, slipped disc and bone [...]

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Water Vials For Treatment

  If you are a patient of mine, you may have noticed I sometimes use vials on you in your treatment. I bet you are curious as to what the purpose of these vials are. [...]

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Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy

  How does chiropractic care work when you are pregnant? Will chiropractic care help you along in your pregnancy? At what point in my pregnancy will chiropractic care help the most? How long can I [...]

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What Can Dr. McCall Treat?

Health Conditions treated by Dr. McCall Acid Reflux Allergies and Asthma Arthritis Auto Accidents Back Pain Carpal Tunnel Diet and Nutrition Digestion Enhanced Sports Performance Fatigue Headaches Neck Pain Numbness Overall Aches and Pains Pinched [...]

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Billing 101

  I have been billing chiropractic claims for 4 years at Source Health Center. I am here to talk all about my knowledge with you so that you can understand your insurance just a bit [...]

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