Day to day aches and pains can plague everyone from time to time. There are many reasons that you may have these aches and pains from traveling, a weakened immune system, or the way you’re eating. Being able to stop the aches and pains that may interrupt your daily activities will not only improve your daily activities, but will help your overall health overtime.


Some Aches and Pains Causes:


  • Traveling – Travel days are always draining on your body but sitting for long periods of time can also aggravate aches and pains. You are always on borrowed time with travel. You are more susceptible to being affected by circumstances beyond our control. It’s best to take what comes, look for your foods when you can, and when it all fails drink plain water. Water can be a medicine (The Body’s Many Cries for Water), when all else fails.  
  • Weakened Immune/Elimination Systems – Many times people have symptoms of immune stress which includes: Sinuses, aches and pain, diarrhea, mild fevers, cramping, coughing and sneezing may not stem from immune causes only. You can have the same symptoms because the body cannot get rid of its waste efficiently. This will happen after the immune system has successfully overwhelmed the infectious agent. This success creates many toxins from the infection as well as the chemicals of its arsenal (immune cells), which will tax our elimination systems of the colon, lungs, kidneys, and skin. 
  • Stress – Stress works similarly to having a weakened immune system, your body is trying to regulate itself and that can put your body into overdrive and can cause some aches to occur.
  • Dehydration – Not drinking enough water or keeping your body hydrated can give you more aches and pains as your body doesn’t have what it needs. 
  • Lack of Sleep – Not getting enough sleep can impact your overall health. When your body doesn’t have enough time to replenish, it can cause aches and pains to occur.
  • Diet – The way you are eating can play a part in your health. Your body needs the proper nutrition in order for you to live without too many aches or pains. Getting foods tested for allergies or intolerance can help clear up many questions.  


What can you do to help get rid of aches and pains:


  • Visit your chiropractor
  • Drink more water
  • Get enough sleep
  • Look into the foods that can best support your body
  • Take supplements to help support your body and your immune system
  • Stretch and take breaks while traveling as well as increasing your water intake even more on travel days