Stay Safe

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It’s all in the timing! In the last 17 years I have treated many patients after and accident. There are usually a few fundamental coincidences and they are all connected through timing.   There is never a right time to have an accident. Many patients who I have treated after an automobile accident are usually in [...]

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An End to Healthy Aging

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  So the next step is to know what to expect and to accept. There is no way around the fact that things change. For me, the idea that the chances that I will be stronger, smarter, more attractive, more stamina, more resilience, etc.. tomorrow does not serve me well. My view of life as a [...]

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TMJ         The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is a very important joint of the body. In order for it to work properly it must use a tremendous amount of nerves, more than any other joints, in order for you to chew food and talk. If you take a moment and follow my words you [...]

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