So the next step is to know what to expect and to accept. There is no way around the fact that things change. For me, the idea that the chances that I will be stronger, smarter, more attractive, more stamina, more resilience, etc.. tomorrow does not serve me well. My view of life as a young man was that I have so many tomorrows to become my ideal self. This was a way of my life until now. I now face a different life and expectations. It is the beginning of the end (it always was); so, how do I use it for my advantage?  


Now, I do not want to sound morose. When I was younger the idea that my whole life was ahead of me was comforting. Anything was possible and, when I was struggling, I used that idea that my life will be long enough to see this struggle pass.  I will eventually be older, wiser and stronger for it. Well, that all sounds good. Now I am seeing that this life will end by the glaring facts of my present age. I have listened to those that are older than me and know I need to prepare. The preparation is a necessary step to healthy aging. Preparation involves, eating well, enjoying exercise, and having the best attitude, but there is also our emotional well being.


My great friend John has been a mentor of mine since we met 30 years ago. One day he was talking to his father and he got off the phone and said with some perplexity and confidence that you need to work on your shit now before you get too old to have the energy to deal with it. If you cannot you are stuck in it and it will run you. Our minds are strong enough to ruin all that is good within. Dealing with the idea that we decline as we age is true from the view of the young. However, from the great it is the time to become more powerful. I may not be able to lift enough, work longer and move the materials of the world around, but a great patient of mine who coaches people stated to me that if you get to 50 and you do not want to develop spiritually it really isn’t worth it.


Knowing I am entering the stage of life we call old age is not a terrible thing when you are faced with it. I think it gives you so much more focus and knowing the person that you are is only the stuff of my youth. Today of all days I can change. I do have today. I can still do all things as I did before but with more consideration, which gives me more satisfaction and appreciation than before. With acceptance it allows me to not be so critical. I was critical of myself for a lifetime and it only made my precious time on earth waste away. So being kind to yourself, forgiving yourself and others, accepting that you will not be so youthful looking is the best way to healthy aging. Acceptance, love and kindness to yourself is well deserved.  Plus, you really cannot screw your life up when it is coming to the close!! So, party on Garth!


Yours in health,


Dr. Michael McCall