How can you avoid eating a large portion or overeating one of your favorite foods? How can you control yourself? How do you know when to stop? These are all questions you have, and Dr. McCall is here to explain those to you!

  • The best way to control over eating is to eat whole foods because you can’t over eat whole foods.
  • Eating slower is key to knowing when to stop, that way you can give your body time to digest the food. If the body has enough nutrition, the body has a chance to make the brain feel satiated.
  • Best way to stick to portion control is to weigh your food first before cooking to help with keeping up with the proper portions for you.

Gluttony is also connected with holiday eating and in trying to continue eating healthy. The holidays are the absolute hardest time to eat healthy as you have so many other appetizing unhealthy options, in other words, we are already in trouble! What the holiday challenge can provide is a great opportunity to focus on the obstacles without being attached to perfection by eating healthy. 

That means that you must first enjoy this time of year with family and friends. It is also a great time to relax and to not be so critical of yourself, your habits, or your illusional imperfections. The key to getting through the holidays is to eat as many clean days as you can and when you “go off” the diet you eat the things you feel are “bad” with abandon! I have found that our bodies do best with 100% clean days with over indulgence on the “cheat days” than having a little indulgence every day. So, if you can put as many clean days in and limit the bad days you will recover much better. 

Our bodies can handle the “bad foods” better on great days. What I mean is if your emotions and spirits are up you can process the bad food better than a rough day. Therefore, eat what you want and there is no foul on a good day! So, when I eat the “bad stuff” I do not think of the harm or health consequences but embellish the joy of what is in my mouth. 

Another challenge is when you are going through all the myriad of holiday events and you are stuck being hungry in an ocean of tasty but unwholesome crap, with people you do not want to offend:

  1. Eat a clean breakfast everyday. Get the good food in your body first. Good food helps your body detox.
  2. If you decide to decline an item and the hosts or group asks why, say you have an allergy to the item. People will be OK with that and will not take offense or ask anymore questions.
  3. Drink as much water as you can because the body uses water to detox mainly
  4. If you are a patient of mine and have these supplements in your drawer use them.
    1. Take Zypan or Betaine Hydrochloride at every meal. These will help you digest the increase of food you will take in on the holidays.
    2. AF Betafood helps your body detoxify, helps with the sugar cravings, and cleans out the liver.
    3. Lact-Enz or Lactic Acid Yeast helps the gut heal from too many sugars, wheat and dairy.
    4. Zymex is a great pre-biotic when it is all said and done.

Overall, just try not to over eat by following the steps above and eat as healthy as you can and when you are given the option to eat food that may not be as healthy, try and eat as many “bad” foods in one day and enjoy the time with family and friends. If you do over eat, just remember how you can help yourself to not feel as full.