We all know that everyone can have a busy schedule at times and it is hard to prioritize your health and wellness, but we are going to walk you through some ideas to help make sure you can still let your health be a priority in your life. Anytime you start a new process you must allow time to adjust to the new challenge.  

If you are thinking about “fitting in” time for your health you must consider that you  already have a full schedule. Be very realistic with your time. Usually we fail to see that we have incrementally packed our days with things to do. This may show up as “trying to find times” to work on your health. Take time for your own sanity to sit down and really pencil out your week for the best times that fit your existing schedule. Then look for the activity you want to try for your health.

You have to consider how it (the activity, exercise or mindfulness) fits in with your schedule rather than you fitting into it. Therefore, you have to consider dropping something in order to make it fit with your schedule.

You have to just start and do what you can now! Walk, meditate, do planks, push ups, one foot stands, walk up the stairs, stretch, lay on the floor, jump, dance, skip, twist, spin, hang, or otherwise do anything now. You never know if this is the first step to your success. You never know where that can lead. Do something and stick to your plan. Your efforts will never be in vain!

When you are successful with your plan, you then have to find a health care provider who knows your goals for your health. At this level any healthcare provider can help you with this. Get checked regularly by some healthcare provider with symptoms or not. This may be MD, ND, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, massage therapist, or any person that you feel would serve you best. I will caution that it is important to have a medical doctor, over any other physician, to check you for any pathologies or conditions that might prove fatal or debilitating. However, I cannot stress enough getting checked by other healthcare providers to guide you on the road of wellness. This is not done in place of your medical care but a measure to maintain your health and wellness rather than finding pathological states that only an MD can treat. It is a more complete path to health. It is just good to have someone on your team helping with your health plan.

Since I am a chiropractor I can talk about how chiropractic, in all of its forms, may be a healthcare provider for your health and wellness plan. If you are seeing one, ask them if they are open to help you with your goals. If you have not seen one, then try it out. Chiropractors pay the lowest insurance premiums than any physician in the US, therefore its safety is better than most.  


Why chiropractic is important:

Chiropractic is a great way to treat your body without too much cost or hardship on your body. Manipulation of your spine and other joints is beneficial to your health if you need this. Most chiropractors can, with their different methods, find joint restrictions with palpation (feeling with their hands), reflexes, and by other various means. Most of our practices are sought for when there is some joint pain that has not gone away or is too painful to bear.

However, pain is not a great way to find joint dysfunction because it is usually a joint that has been restricted for some time and is now in pain. Many people will benefit from chiropractic, however it is usually case by case basis. If you have been to a chiropractor and have had good results then you may want to try maintenance care. Ask your chiropractor what that would look like for you and find the frequency that makes you feel best but balances with your budget. 

For me as your chiropractor, I use Applied Kinesiology which can help find nutritional deficiencies, emotional engrams, and balance out the meridian systems, which fall within a wellness check. Please note your insurance may not always pay for wellness care. Look at your insurance coverage policies and check with your HR department for any questions.


Why Massage is important:

Massage commits an hour of your time to slowing down from the world and connecting to yourself. Massage increases circulation, soothes the central nervous system, decreases heart rate, increases peristalsis/digestion, helps with detoxification, and the oils used help moisturize your skin.


What is the best schedule for maintenance/wellness care:

The best schedule would be to come in about once a month for chiropractic to start and see as you progress if that can become less frequent as you learn how to take care of yourself better.

For massage Becca recommends once or twice a month based on your unique individual preference.