Chiropractic and Massage care is key in order to help maintain your normal short term and long term health and wellness. There are so many benefits for each, but we will have to separate them just to explain how beneficial these both are for you and your health.


Chiropractic Care:


Benefits of chiropractic care are numerous. However, peer reviewed studies have shown that chiropractic care is safe, effective for acute pain, headaches and chronic pain. Chronic pain of necks and backs is without question eased with chiropractic. It is very cost effective compared to standard treatments and has high scores for patient satisfaction.


Chiropractic has helped many conditions outside the conditions listed above. It is considered anecdotal, meaning it is witnessed by chiropractors and patients but has not been under strong scientific scrutiny to prove that it works. This means that the patient was helped and the doctor saw it help but research to officially accept its validity in these conditions, that I intentionally did not say, has not been done. This would take many volunteers, quality researchers and money to do. Chiropractic doesn’t get much funding and we do not have the institutions with funds to support.


“Even more remarkable is the efficiency of chiropractic research. When compared to the NIH budget of nearly $20B, the $10M investment in federal funds is substantially less than a tenth of 1 percent, which makes it less than a rounding error or, as a couple of wags have offered in the past — obviously, the federal government must believe in alternative medicine because it has given chiropractic researchers homeopathic doses of money with which to work.”

 Anthony Rosner PhD; Director of Research Testifies at National Institute of Medicine Hearings


Chiropractic is based in the science that the body has an intelligence that will direct and manifest healing. Chiropractic originally believed it was centered in the brain and used the spinal cord to disseminate its direction as well as awaited the results of its efforts of bodily function relayed through the spinal cord. If these messages are clear and the body responds to the input then the body maintains its health.  


This concept of the innate intelligence of the body then allows the thought that the body heals itself and the doctor is not the true healer. There is no intelligence outside the body that can coordinate all the trillions of cells to work together to live, heal, emote, ponder, love and care.  So, would you become a volunteer of chiropractic and see if it can help you? I assure you it is safe, but has risk; it is never toxic or invasive, it is relatively inexpensive to medical diagnosis and treatment and it is geared to help the body heal itself and not trying to force a change.


Massage Care:


Wellness is the absence of dis-ease in the body. The presence of dis-ease is a sign your body’s systems or organs are out of balance; balance is important to maintain good health and wellness. Massage is useful for supporting increased ease of the body by reducing the feelings of stress, supporting pain management, decreasing muscle tension, lowering blood pressure, enhancing your immune system, improving sleep quality, boosting focus, supporting the healing of injuries, and more. 


Regular massage, at least once a month, gives you time to slow down and tune into your body to feel areas that may be out of balance, areas of pain or discomfort, or areas that may not be functioning at their full capacity. Noticing these areas before they become problematic to the point of pain or limiting your ability to function helps you stay active and healthy. You may find you experience better sleep or are able to get a deeper stretch while exercising after receiving a massage. You may find you experience fewer headaches, less illness, generally feel better, and able to handle stressful situations following a massage. 


Combined with other treatments such as chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy, you may find your body bounces back faster from injury, accident, or fatigue. Massage is a great tool to help maintain your health and reach both your short and long-term health goals.