As humans we already go through busy and stressful times and we tend to overlook our own health and wellbeing because we have others to take care of, or something else in our schedule that is more important. It is difficult, we know, but giving a little of your time and energy into focusing on your body and what you need, is key! Once you accomplish that, you can begin the process of taking ownership of your own body.


You already own your body right, so why do you need to change anything? This ownership is all about your health, you have to be able to take care of yourself, separate from all those other responsibilities, and know when you need to get outside help, such as seeing Dr. McCall.


Defining Ownership: Ownership is the confidence in doing a job very well. Confidence that you can handle issues successfully in the future. This type of ownership is not based on possession of things but is defined as a possession of complete certainty that you are more than capable to accomplish goals in your area of control. This means that you take on the full responsibility in your health from the research, reading and knowing that you are the one that makes all final decisions. This may seem daunting, however there is no one in the universe that is better placed than you to operate/evaluate your own body.  


If you think that you are somehow “flawed/less than/missing something” that will not allow you to be the owner of your health, please allow me to speak to that. Ownership of your health takes time and it requires trial and error. The trial is trying different things that you feel may improve your health and try it for 2 weeks to 3 months (this is also the lifespan of a red blood cell). To have better certainty that what you want to try helped you, you can write down the symptoms that you want to change. Go back to this list when you feel that you have done the new habit long enough. I have seen myself and others dis-count the new habit because they forgot what it helped, I see this a lot in my practice. A huge sign for me as a physician that a patient is better is when you ask them about symptoms that are gone and they forgot about them. I can go back in the chart to the first visit and ask if patients still have the symptoms they came in with or were most concerned about. If they forget they had them it is always a great opportunity for us both to witness, once again, that the body can always heal.


Many times we do not notice if there was a change. If this is so, then let it be and trust that it happened. As the owner to your health you have to trust in the experience of change. Your body and mind are “quintessentially unique”. Everybody and every-body is unique with various strengths, weaknesses and expressions. What works for others does not have to work for every single person. You have to spend the time getting to know what your uniquely gifted body requires for it to work with more ease. When you learn from the experience then there was never an error.  


Once past “trial and error” you will gain trust in yourself in the ownership process. It is more difficult than ever before to trust what you feel and know about yourself. We are engulfed in factoids/ideals/dramas/pop-ups/and generalized disorganized knowledge that will always find fault and uncertainty to what you truly have experienced and that we can access at a moment’s notice anywhere. We have doubt all around us that weakens our resolve to trust in the experience of our health and peace of mind. Ownership requires that you trust in your own experience and allow ideas and other opinions as a means to deepen and provide details to our self knowledge.


There are 100 times more nerves that feel reality than think reality. Your gut has its own nervous system and it has more nerves than your spinal cord. Your heart creates a field that is both electric and magnetic that is several times stronger than your brain. When this field is investigated it has been shown that the brain responds to the heart’s energy field. In sum the brain listens to the heart at this level of life. If we take this message to our day to day we can be more confident to know we now have (and always had) three brains to use for our journey to health. The gut communicates to our conscious mind through emotions and feelings. Our heart communicates when we know something can help us and we cannot initially know the details as to how. Our conscious brain creates the details and story that we tell ourselves about the experience however it can only observe. The heart and gut are in the experience.  


Heart Math is a form of tapping into the intelligence of the heart and is on YouTube for reference. Most importantly is that your body is always communicating with you! If you take the time to learn for yourself, its subtle and profound communication you will have the health you deserve. You have in your ownership that master of all sciences, art and technology. It communicates with symptoms, feelings and dysfunctions. Its style of communication is non-verbal and will defy common understanding at times. Remember common understanding is only a proxy to decrease uncertainty and argument. Your body lives in truth and expresses it continuously. 


Your only tool that you need to hone is listening, give acceptance to the needs of your body and master how to use its divine technology.


What does taking ownership of your body mean exactly? It can have many different meanings to each and every person, but in this we are going to focus on ownership of your own body’s health. Some ideas to start:

  • Start looking into drinking water
  • Are you doing regular doctor visits for check ups as well as maintaining your aches and pains. Look into going to someone when you have aches pains and discomfort. That is a sign your body is needing your attention
  • Are you taking breaks at work or at home for yourself
  • Are you giving your body the right nutrients with wholefood
  • Are you supplementing those vitamins or minerals we don’t always naturally receive by taking supplements, vitamins, or minerals
  • Go to bed an hour earlier