The world has changed for all of us with the Covid 19 virus. It has affected us in many aspects of our lives and we are “locked up” but readily poised to reconfigure our lives and this especially applies to your health.

Over time technology has been challenging for me. I started with a pong game, then to a handheld football game by Mattel in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Each one was a  new language of interaction. I remember how difficult it was for our parents to play the games and to understand how it worked. I had to be the one to show them how it worked, or even how to turn it on. I grew up at a time where electronics became the new household appliance and with each new iteration we all have to muster our patience and confidence to learn a new platform. I am reminded of this with each new cell phone I buy.  

At that time, the instruction manual was key. Once the devices start to work you eventually  learn how it runs, maybe you encounter a problem or you may want to add another feature that you want to play with and figure out. No matter what you learn with both the written instructions and with the large brain you get started and you figure it out . 

I give you this example to slow you down and to show you where you are in your understanding of human health. You were born into the highest form of technology that has mastered all the sciences we now ponder and many fields of science that we have yet to discover. There really isn’t a user friendly instruction manual for this and there is more than enough information at your disposal that can  contradict itself. I will point my finger in a general direction and you can decide to take the steps, or not.

First, let’s get out the magic mirror and play the imagination game. Imagine a “thing” that can be placed on earth, grow, survive, develop, replicate and evolve. It can take in intake energy from air, water, crude matter and sunlight. While it can take in the energy it responds and learns enough,  to not only survive,  but to reproduce before it dies (no longer doing anything except decaying). It is successful in leaving instructions and various forms of apparati both macro and micro to have its own design flourish and survive and continue to do it all again for millions of years with a lot of failure but with much success. Not a bad “thing”, huh? It is called life. I would advise you to play this game from time to time to help you better understand the big picture of where the design of your body was tested and influenced (I’m intentionally allowing space for any religious concepts that you hold dear to be included if you like).

How successful a living thing is, is based on its ability to adapt to all the continuous change in our universe (earth). There are many stressors that test our human body so lets talk about immune stressors. 

At this time we live with the idea that we get infections and that they are harmful to our life and health. When we are sick we all agree we are infected by either a bacteria or a virus: and will or will not see a doctor to treat us. I am limiting the meaning of sick to not include degenerative diseases ie. heart disease, cancers etc. Generally we go and the doctor tries to figure out if it is a virus or a bacteria and will prescribe medicines based on which bacteria or virus was thought to have caused the illness. The collective thought is that we got sick because we got a virus or bacteria that we were exposed to. We tend to focus more on the avoidance of a bacteria and virus and not what causes us to get sick. The line between the invasion of a virus or bacteria and developing symptoms is regarded as slim to non-existent. However, the journey from being infected and getting sick is quite vast. This is where the following recommendations are offered to stem the tide of being exposed and living through it.

Remember you are living in the greatest form of technology and it is also displayed continuously and for millions of years a mastery of all sciences, known and unknown. That is not too shabby! In order to get it functioning at its best takes some skill and effort. When it comes to the immune system, it’s best to look at the job as preparing for a great outcome, but at the same time don’t stress over it. It’s like saving money to prepare a better future. 

The immune systems in humans now are under new stressors. One of the problems is a loss of natural forms of vitamins and minerals from the decline in nutritional densities in our soils to processing of foods. Processed foods have been shown to actually strip your body of these nutrients, sugar especially. It’s best to start looking into eating natural foods such as whole vegetables, fruit and natural meats and eggs. Start with good nutrition for a while and then work on lowering sugar consumption compared to just lowering sugar consumption without changing your diet. The immune system needs the real parts from as close to how nature makes them. Read the book Back to the Basics of Human Health by Mary White.

Stress is a tremendous burden on our immune system. We have lived with more mental and emotional stress than ever before. Listening to the news and becoming more emotionally dependent has placed more hormonal stress that will suppress the immune system.

Another stress related problem is from either no exercise or too much vigorous exercise. If you have difficulty losing weight and you are working out and not experiencing weight loss results, this may be a sign of exercising too vigorously for your body to recover. Phill Maffetone’s book Fitness vs Health offers some solutions.

You just have to work into your schedule time to disconnect, stop problem solving, and lose yourself in any activity that you enjoy. You just have to start moving into that direction. Our nervous system got used to a 30/70 ratio between problem solving/seeking and doing nothing at all. Our brains are balanced with using higher cognitive parts of itself for 30% of the day and downloading the other 70%. With continued high mental functioning our body has to release more stress hormones to keep the eyes and brain supplied with glucose and O2. Any time you release stress hormones you cause a temporary suppression on your nervous system. We live very busy and demanding lives that nature needs to balance out.  Most modern jobs require more that 50% of the day to higher function. 

So what are essential for our immune system? If you want the bullet points here they are:

*All vitamins are important but the fat soluble vitamins are mandatory for the immune system.  Vitamins A, E, D, and K; the best natural sources are prehistoric animal guts. Carrots are great for vitamin A to, but not as good as from fish oils. If you don’t have access to Cod Liver Oil, sardines, natural fish and eggs will do. 

*If you only want to take vitamins, then do that. Standard Process products that are good for the immune system are Cataplex A, AC, ACP, E, D and Chlorophyll Complex. These vitamins are manufactured by Standard Process to be as close to natural as possible and to build up in your tissues.

*Vitamin C, not as ascorbic acid only, but from natural sources such as bright colored vegetables, fruit and berries. Standard Process Cataplex C and Cyruta Plus are the best supplements for this. 

*Standard Process: Immuplex and Congaplex have all the vitamins and minerals as above plus more and also contains animal tissue which strengthens the immune system. 

Watch our youtube or facebook channel for videos that explain more on human health.

Remember you have a body that will always heal and defend itself. Feed it real food for crying out loud!