What Can I Learn in These Classes?

Becca Bamberg, hosts essential oil classes for patients, clients, friends, and family to participate in! There is a wide range of topics and information that Becca goes over regarding essential oils! How to properly use them, store them, the essential oil components, when to use and when not to use them, as well as many different kinds of recipes and suggestions!

Join in her class to learn all about essential oils! There is always an oil for what you need!

Essential Oil Class Schedule:

All classes are now online and available through Teachable.

Click the link below to check out what classes are available!


Ways to Use Essential Oils:

  1. Inhalation

  2. Diffusion

  3. Topically

  4. Massage

  5. Baths

Dilution Guidelines for Essential Oils:

Click the button below for an image to see the dilution rates for essential oils!

Essential Oils for Emotions:

Click the button below for a resource for exploring essential oils that may support moving through emotional challenges.