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Surviving the Holidays

Blog by Dr. Michael McCall & Jessica Carn


Surviving the holidays is easy to do but hard to grasp at first. During the holidays you have a million things going on. You are trying to work and earn money to pay for presents for your family/friends, find time to get everything done, trying to avoid the temptation of all the sweets during the holidays, go to all your appointments, etc…all while trying to keep your current schedule in tack. And if you have kids, pets, or loved ones you care for it makes your schedule even busier over the holidays.


That’s why the holidays is a free pass on all of it. If things don’t go as planned, don’t stress about it! You still have what really matters!


I have been working with Dr. McCall for nearly 3 years now, and if I have learned anything from him, it’s to let the holidays not stress me out. Enjoy the time I have with family and friends, and don’t worry about my diet at all because I am for sure going to be sucking down my mimosas and eating my chocolate and sweets! I know that as soon as the holidays are over it will be a struggle trying to get back to eating better food, but getting back into a normal routine will help in getting it back to normal!

So what can you really do to prepare for the holidays? What is the best way to get back to how it was before the holidays? That is something I will leave for the expert, Dr. McCall!


At this point in the game it is about eating as well as you can when you can. You have no control of your diet once you are outside the home and at this point you should just enjoy all the tastiness and abundance of flavor that you are graced to have. Eat your clean meals before you go out or host. You can eat a clean meal before you go to the events and parties. This will allow you to have some satiety and provide great nutrition to your body so it can process the onslaught of the tasty and much loved treats that we all have a soft spot for. I personally will get on a protocol of supplements to help my digestion and give my body more support as I eat all the tasty treats. –Dr. Michael McCall


Holidays are all about enjoying the people around you and spending time with them! It is the best time to forget about real life stresses and to focus on the fun, festiveness, and connections with others! I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday season this year!


“why worry your mind when you give it your best”.  Beastie Boys


Happy Holidays from Source Health Center!