A Healthy Start


New Year



We all live with the idea that when it comes to becoming more healthier,  we need to start somewhere. Our motivation to become healthier is usually based on our appearances, especially our weight and body shape. One of the ways we model our new health approach, and the most popular, is the calorie theory. This theory tells us to take in less calories and to burn off more calories with exercise, and thereby, you will lose weight. Basically, this leads us all to either lower our intake of food or to exercise more in order to burn them off. The “Ultimate Start” would be to do both. In the last decade we have become more informed that the types of foods we eat, not the calorie content, is what we should focus on. Examples are: Atkins, South Beach, Gluten Free and now Paleo. With the best and truest intentions, and with an unbelievable amount of information from books, media and the internet, we go for it.  


I would like to take the time to present another way of looking at your health and its unlimited benefits. So be brave and forget the idea that you have to get started, return or get back to your health, only for now. Just breath and follow me.


The start to your health started before you were born.


As two streams come together, as the wind started to fill the earth, as hot and cold parted your start to health was there. A rock, some water and a warm sun is where life and, it’s devine partner health came in existence.  You see, our health had found itself when earth was a rock, bathed in water and warmed by the sun. Without health life cannot exist. Health is also an organized intelligence that guides the body to restore itself, heal itself and let it express its inborn and continuous potential. It has guided life to exist for eons in different forms and in various environments. You have this program running through you, with all its ageless wisdom. So how is there a start to your health? How can one small decision in a lifetime make a difference to this guiding intelligence?  


Based on what I have written, you do not have to do anything but learn how to use it and how you can be used by it to benefit all.

So, know this- without any earthy effort on your part you were given this health. You were simply born into it. If you are alive, you are healthy. Rest into it, but not too much, work to have more health in your life but don’t obsess on it. Observe a little more on how you feel, and then don’t dwell.

You don’t have to start because it is always there within you ceaseless, and holding space for you. . .just fall into to it. When you feel it necessary to get on track start-to enter with less effort.  Effort is not necessary. It has thrived before you were born through your ancestors, it will when you turn to dust. It is 100% renewable, your best parent and teacher, and it would love to have you in its embrace.


It starts with your question? Ends when you take action. The hard part is to be with it longer. The hardest part is to trust in its existence, its power and its recuperative powers.  


Drink the best water you can, eat real foods-meats, vegetables and fruits, rest, notice the changes it goes through, remember symptoms are not the problem but the engine light. Most things are not that important and you have a friend dwelling in you.  


Talk to that friend, listen to that friend and feel its friendship and generosity and its criticism.   Live on!


You were born into it and you die out of it.