good morning


Starting your day off right is very important for us to be able to function, have a good day, and succeed. You’ve probably noticed that when you start your day in a frenzy, it throws you off for the rest of the day. The tone of your morning will determine the tone of your day, so it’s time to plan accordingly to get your best start possible.


There are a few things to try and do to be able to achieve the perfect start to your day!


1. Stay unplugged from technology

If the first thing you do when you wake up is grab your smartphone device and check your messages or emails, you are causing a disservice to yourself. You are already starting on work and being in that mindset, whereas you should be able to have time to find your inner peace and control first. Try to wait an hour after waking up before you reach for your smartphone. By reaching for your smartphone you lose track of time that you can otherwise use to set up your day. So, instead of starting with your phone, save it for later in your routine.


2. Hydrate

Having a drink of water when you first wake up in the morning is key. Your body hasn’t had any water for a number of hours, and having a glass of water in the morning is a great way to wake yourself up and hydrate your body. Water is used as energy on the cellular level which is the foundation to the health of your body.


3. Practice Optimism

When you wake up, you want to start your day in a good mood, so smile! Smiling signals to your brain to release feel-good neurotransmitters which helps lift your mood, relax your body, and lower your heart rate. If the frown won’t flip around, try to look around and give thanks to the things around you; such as having a place to sleep, your pets, the day ahead, and food in the fridge…it is more effective than you think!


4. Make your bed

It may seem like a waste of time or it’s not important, but making your bed each morning will help you start your day feeling accomplished. I have found that if I can start doing any “bore chore” in the morning I feel a sense of accomplishment and somehow have more vibrant energy.


5. Meditate

Meditation can help ground you and set a good intention for your day. There are a ton of ways to meditate, you will have to find a way that works best for you. A good meditation is to check how you feel in your body. You don’t even have to get out of bed!  Feel your feet, legs and arms, feel them wake up. Check your breathing and see how you can play with breath and how it affects your body, mind, and mood!


6. Exercise

Whether it is doing simple yoga, walking your pet, quick set of sit-ups or push-ups, hitting the gym, or stretches, it is good to energize your body and mind.


7. Put yourself together

Putting time and effort into your appearance helps build confidence. When you are “put together” you feel like you have one less worry for your day.


8. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Getting a good and healthy breakfast will give you more energy and give you better focus and allow you to concentrate better throughout your day. My best recommendation is to limit processed carbohydrates in the morning and eat natural protein such as eggs and meats with vegetables. If you enjoy fruit instead, try that!


9. Have a To-Do list

Take a few minutes to write a to-do list, it will help you prioritize your day and find out what is most pressing to get to first.


10. Get enough sleep

Make sure you are getting anywhere from 6-8 hours a night. While you are sleeping your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintaining your physical health. Sleep helps with your physical well-being, mental quality, and quality of life.

11. Make sure you give yourself time in the morning

Make sure that when you wake up you have time to at least try one of these tips. Do not be too fixated on waking up later and then you have to scramble to get ready. The morning may be the only time you have for yourself, so take it. Have your moment, soothe yourself, and think big!

*This is a collaboration between Dr. Michael McCall and Jessica Carn